Control Cancer Naturally

I’m not saying cancer can be cured but, much like diabetes, it can be controlled without using toxic chemicals.  For Mama, who lived 27 more years after being diagnosed with stage IV cancer, all it took was to follow the orders of G. Edward Griffin in the book World Without Cancer—The Story of Vitamin B17, which bears repeating:

“…avoid excessive damage or stress to the body, minimize foods that pre-empt the pancreatic enzymes for their digestion, and maintain a diet rich in all minerals and vitamins—especially vitamin B17.”

Now, if cancer is so easily manageable through a nutritional approach, with relatively cheap and wholly natural remedies, why are these not being promoted?  Why all the brouhaha, why the billions of dollars taken up by/for cancer research?  The answer lies in what Griffin calls “the politics of cancer therapy.”

G. Edward Griffin marshals the evidence that cancer is a deficiency disease – like scurvy or pellagra – aggravated by the lack of an essential food compound in modern man’s diet. That substance is vitamin B17. In its purified form developed for cancer therapy, it is known as Laetrile.

This story is not approved by orthodox medicine. The FDA, the AMA, and The American Cancer Society have labeled it fraud and quackery. Yet the evidence is clear that here, at last, is the final answer to the cancer riddle.

Why has orthodox medicine waged war against this non-drug approach? The author contends that the answer is to be found, not in science, but in politics – and is based upon the hidden economic and power agenda of those who dominate the medical establishment.

With billions of dollars spent each year on research, with other billions taken in on the sale of cancer-related drugs, and with fund-raising at an all-time high, there are now more people making a living from cancer than dying from it. If the solution should be found in a simple vitamin, this gigantic industry could be wiped out over night. The result is that the politics of cancer therapy is more complicated than the science.

Fortunately for us here in the Philippines, Dr. Efren Navarro has followed in the footsteps of his good father, Dr. Manuel Navarro, who passed away in 1994.

Dr. Efren’s phone numbers: 714-7442 and 714-5920.

When you call for an appointment you will be given the address AND instructions re urine collection.  You will be asked to bring or send the patient’s urine first; the patient is asked to come when the titer results are ready, usually by the next day.  Php 500.00 for the HCG urine test lab works, Php 300.00 for consultation.  Laetrile comes in capsules: 250 mg. @ Php 50.00 each, 500 mg. capsules @ Php 80.00 each, 6 gram vials @ PhP1,500.00 each.  Dr. Navarro also does home visits when requested.  Php 800.00 when nearby, more ‘pag malayo ang biyahe.’

Considering the cancer cases in the family, both maternal and paternal sides, I routinely take a Pancreatin tablet (Php 965.00 for a bottle of 100 @ Healthy Options) after every meal as a preventive, and advise my children and their spouses to do the same.  And I try to snack as often as I can on homegrown foods rich in vitamin B17, like cassava and sampalok, available year-round, and singkamas and duhat, both seasonal.  Sa imported stuff, apricot nuts ang # one, available in Chinatown drugstores.

25 thoughts on “Control Cancer Naturally

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  2. […] good news is, laetrile is available in the philippines. Posted in cancer, health, […]

  3. […] Almond Nuts are a very rich source of Vitamin B17 and is Dr Efren Navarro’s suggested substitute when Laetrile capsules are out of stock. Available in Chinese drugstores in downtown Manila, the bitter almond nut, familiarly known as […]

  4. cme says:

    I would like to know if Dr. Efren Navarro also treat patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). According to the internet, it has no cure. You just have to take care of your kidneys but eventually you will undergo dialysis and end stage would be renal failure. Is there a way to prolong the life of a person with PKD?

  5. […] a woman, she either is pregnant or has cancer. If he is a man, cancer can be the only cause.’ The Navarro HCG titer is invaluable not only in detecting a growing malignancy long before one becomes ill and/or […]

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  7. Is there somewhere online that is trustworthy and relatively inexpensive where I can order laetrile 500 mg? I have lobular cancer in one of my breasts and my symptoms are similar to your mother’s, which by the way -Thank you for sharing her remarkable Journey. I am scheduled to have both my breasts removed the beginning of May 2013. They know my cancer is ER Positive, meaning they know that Estrogen and Progesterone make it grow and it’s spread to one lymph node but I will have to have 10 nodes removed.. They want me to have chemo and radiation, however, those are not acceptable options for me. So, I would greatly appreciate any perspective and advice on how to begin taking laetrile and pancreatic enzymes. I have ordered Dr. Griffin’s book as well. Thank you so much. Cathy

  8. i have mpnst….malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor…do you think i will be cured by dr.navarro?

    • your diagnosis seems definitive, sounds like you must have had a biopsy already.
      nothing to lose, everything to gain by consulting dr.Navarro, erlinda.

      • LFQ says:

        Is Dr. Navarro will be the one to give the prescription in taking Laetrile? will it be readily available on his clinic once we set an appointment for consultation?

      • yes.
        drNavarro’s prescription will depend on the result of the Navarro titer.

        unfortunately, there’s no Laetrile supply right now.
        his supply from germany seems to be one of the many shipments undelivered as a result of the truck ban.
        meantime, he advises procuring Laetrile on-line from Cytopharma.

        one must keep in mind though that the pancreatic enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin, supplements, and a modified diet are part and parcel of the combined modalities for a successful natural cancer metabolic therapy.

  9. Tsarina says:

    Hi! I’m very interested in this alternative nutritional approach and hope I can convince my mom and siblings to take this route. Is consulting with Dr.Efren Navarro the first step? Are the info in your article still updated, esp the contact numbers and prices? Is the book World Without Cancer available locally? Many thanks!! Your blog articles are both enlightening and encouraging to me.

    • thank you, tsarina.
      am not sure if G.EdwardGriffin’s World Without Cancer is available locally.
      you might ask NationalBookStore or FullyBooked to order it for you if they don’t have it.
      yes, drNavarro’s phone number is current.
      titer and consult fees, too, last i checked with secretaryGrace.
      though there’s no harm in inquiring when you call for directions on how to get to the Sta.Mesa clinic.
      it is usually best to have one’s urine tested to get a baseline titer before going for consult as drNavarro’s prescription and modified diet will depend on the results.
      Navarro Medical Clinic website lists procedure and precautions for urine collection.
      should you have further questions, am just an email away at

  10. danna says:

    Hi! I find your article very helpful. If im going to order b17 from cytopharma, would it be delivered directly to my house? Or would it undergo custom inspection? Thank you.

  11. Mercy says:

    where can i buy vitamin B17? is it available in healthy options?

    • hello, Mercy.
      am sorry, no.
      not in healthy options.

      you can try Aling Loleng’s at the mezzanine of Cash and Carry in Makati but i suggest you call first to make sure stock is available.
      contact #’s are (02) 856-5429/856-6983.

      you may also order on-line from CYTOPHARMA in Mexico which is delivered to your doorstep by courier.

  12. jome says:

    what is vit b17

  13. Carol says:

    Hi po ms nancy. i have so much to say, yet i don’t know how to begin. Maybe i should sum it all up by just saying ” thank you”:) thank you po for your blog! Thank you for sharing. I was enlightened. It encouraged and helped me to follow my intuitions( it was so overwelming and confusing at first).
    I have seen Dr. Navarro; he was so nice.
    You and Dr. Navarro are true healers!! May God bless you and you family!!

    • hello, Carol.
      and thank you.
      am glad you followed your intuition as cancer does not have to be the scourge it has been made out to be.
      i hope you find time to read my 58 other posts for a better understanding of what cancer is all about. it will help you manage your own treatment.
      just keep in mind that cancer can be controlled as long as one perseveres with the lifestyle change that metabolic therapy demands.
      if i can be of further help, Carol, i’m just an email away.

  14. Annie says:

    My sister is diagnose with stage 4 ovarian cancer.can she take Laetrile and those healthy food with b
    17 without visiting dr.efren navarro?thanks fir the reply.My sister is in the hospital for 3 days now.

    • hello, Annie.
      with just the diagnosis of stage 4 ovarian cancer with metastasis to the brain, i decided to send my initial reply to your email address, as i saw fit to attach Chapter Eleven: The Total Nutritional Program of Dr. Philip Binzel’s “ALIVE AND WELL” to better provide you with clear-cut instructions on Metabolic Therapy should you decide for it for your sister.

      take heart, Annie.

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