Food sources rich in Vitamin B17 (Amygdalin)

Locally, cassava remains the best known source of Vitamin B17.

Tiesa comes a close second.  It is unfortunate though that most people find ripe tiesa bothersome to eat as it sticks to the roof of the mouth besides the fact that its distinctive ripe smell reminds one of a newborn baby’s poo (soiled diaper?).

Also high in Vitamin B17 are sampalok or tamarind, singkamas, duhat, luya or ginger, white and yellow, and patani or lima beans.

Though sampalok is seasonal here, tamarind from Malaysia are found in some of our fruit stalls and supermarkets all year round.  I snack on sampalok on an empty stomach, about 2-3 hours after a meal to maximize benefits of its VitB17 content.

Young (meaning small) and freshly harvested singkamas makes a sweet and crunchy snack by itself, and really smacking good when dipped, even better   marinated, in a concoction of apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, and sea salt, then seasoned with black pepper.

According to Dr. Efren Navarro, duhat contains vitamin B17 but not as strong as cassava and tiesa, and that the seed carries more of the vitamin than the flesh.  So save the seeds and extend one’s supply of B17 beyond this fruit’s season.  Wash and clean the seeds.  Allow to air-dry very well then grind to a powder.  With no tests yet on duhat powder, the good doctor advises a teaspoon of the powder in a glass of juice to start off, increasing gradually as tolerated.

Raw ginger is commonly used to spice a salad and achara (pickled green papaya); or may be air-dried and ground into powder, dissolved in water to drink as juice (salabat).

It is better to just steam patani, and not for too long either, as boiling or too much heat destroys the B17 in amygdalin-rich foods.

Of sources abroad, apricot is tops, it’s kernel over all truly the best source of B17.

Other fruits are apples, pears, plums, and cherries, though their seeds are not as rich in laetrile as those of the apricot.

Wheat grass, sorghum and barley are also rich sources of Vitamin B17.


As most find PhP900+ for a bottle of 100 pancreatic enzyme tablets still prohibitive, a cheap alternative according to Doc Efren is raw pork pancreas and / or liver.  Readily available in our wet markets, these maybe diced into ¼ inch cubes and chewed on well before swallowing.  Or the cubes may be laced with favored spices and processed through a blender then frozen in small ice trays for easy dispensing, a cube at a time.  The good doctor says that over time, some patients report actually developing a taste for the raw pancreas/liver and don’t mind chewing on it at all.

12 thoughts on “Food sources rich in Vitamin B17 (Amygdalin)

  1. Suzie B says:

    Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. Your Mother was indeed an inspiration x

  2. josephine cabalfin says:

    hi nancy!

    very informative articles you have here. and you make it even more interesting and readable with your pinoy style. appreciate what you’re doing here..

    may i ask where i can get pancreatic enzymes, too? does dr. navarro have it, too? with the dosage you mentioned, it looks like 1-bottle @ P900 will take about a month to finish?

    thanks much for your generous time. God bless you!

    • thank you, josephine.
      bear with me, please.
      texting/monitoring patients take much of my time.
      will the pancreatin be used preventively?

      on preventive mode, i:
      1. limit consumption of animal protein, if at all.
      2. take fish; a wiser choice for protein rather than chicken, pork or beef.
      3. take co-enzyme vitamins and minerals to get enzymes to where they are needed.
      4. take vegetables and fruits RAW; heat destroys their natural enzymes.
      5. don’t take anything that’s been processed, or bottled/canned with preservatives.
      belatedly, but hoping this will help,

  3. lilibeth esteves says:

    Dear Nancy,
    Thank you for sharing these informations to the public, I’m very much interested in your blog about cassava in which a good source of vit.B 17, could you please tell me the right preparation of this root crop to be able to receive the right amount of vitamins from this food,
    Thank you,

    • hello, beth.

      for cancer victims, drManuelNavarro prescribed kamoteng kahoy tea, his preparation
      of which is detailed in my january 19, 2012.
      the procedure, however, comes with just a slight innovation in the may 6, 2013 post as i suggested using a diet scale to better establish the amount of cassava root for the initial dose, as well as come to a more accurate empirical dose as increments are correctly weighed.

      in aid of maintenance and control, drNavarro suggested cassava daily as a snack so my mother had it even as much as twice a day when it struck her fancy.
      prepared for her by my sister-in-law, the raw cassava root was always freshly grated then steamed at low heat, and served with freshly grated coconut and brown sugar
      i do the same when freshly uprooted cassava comes my way from the farm.

      hope this helps, beth, as i wasn’t sure whether you were just considering cassava as a preventive health food or as part of the metabolic therapy advanced by drManuelNavarro.

      just an email away,

  4. jen says:

    hello, i have a partner who has metastatic bone cancer from breast cancer, i researched and done so far but still little improvement i may say from her, what are the best foods to cure her from met bone cancer and how will be the strict diet? thanks so much…- jen

    • hello, jen.
      you didn’t say if she has had surgery;
      nor that she had chemo and/or radiation.
      i would have her do a Navarro titer first if i were you, find out for sure how far gone is her bone metastasis.
      the titer result will help drNavarro assess how much VitB17 and enzymes she’ll need;
      as well as the modified food regimen to follow.

      for directions on how to collect urine for the titer, google: Navarro Medical Clinic
      for directions to drNavarro’s clinic, contact person: secretaryGrace.
      clinic contact #: 02-714-7442

      am just an email away, jen, if i can be of further help.

  5. jen says:

    thanks nancy for quick reply, yes she had simple mastectomy last year of may, and had 6 sessions chemo and 15days radiation finished january 2014….and just after 2 months…the cancer has metastasized to her iliac crest bone…now she cant stand nor walk…her diet im giving now is purely vegies (brocolli, cauliflower, pechay, squash, eggplant, singkamas, asparagus) and fruits (guyabano, banana saba, pineapple, guava, watermelon, mangosteen, green mangoes), strictly no rice, no bread, no carbs. I am also giving her cancer killer juice (beet, carrot, radish, celery, potato) and immune system booster juice (green apple, beet, yellow ginger, garlic). i still keep on researching and looking for diet and foods for her…thats why when i saw your blog…i come to ask…i hope i can find the cure for her..thanks very much. hope to hear from you again..

  6. jen says:

    i forgot to mention..i also use coconut gata when cooking (she likes it) , sliced sili labuyo and shes taking it like tablets…i also give healthy options vitamins and minerals ( bio C, cal-mag-zinc, vit D3, krill oil), and vit B comlex ( super B from generic pharmacy), today i gave her cassava t eat after i read your blog yesterday…i gave all these info since you asked me so as you might help me and her..thanks again.

  7. kapie9969 says:

    I found your site while trying to read up more on Laetrile/Casava.My wife has just found out she may have breast cancer and she doesn’t want to follow the path of friends who had surgery and a mastectomy and chemo,Then died. Being a Filipina,some of your talk may help her. Thanks.

    • hello, kapie. most my posts are cancer-related. reading through them will help your wife better understand what cancer is all about and what WE ALL can do to prevent it from becoming malignant. ALIVE AND WELL, drPhilip Binzel’s down-to-earth book re Metabolic Therapy is a good layman’s read particularly for those seeking a natural option for cancer treatment and management. if i can be of further help, kapie, am just an email away at

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