My Tiaong patient: breast cancer, stage 4

I have a patient now in Tiaong, stage 4 breast cancer. My brother Butch, an internist, gave her 2 to 6 months, told her husband so, and then referred her to me for alternative management.

I saw her on July 5. She was really really in bad shape then, could hardly get up from her hammock, the only place she could lie back on. Her right breast to axilla (armpit) to underside of upper arm and back to just over the shoulder was one big ugly stone-hard lump with scattered tumors of different sizes. The nipple was displaced to the side under the axilla. Below where the nipple should have been was a bunch of grape-like vesicles with foul-smelling ooze. And there was a large oblong reddish-blue tomato-sized lump just below her collarbone, and another one of about the same size on the top of her head.

She was truly emaciated, pale, weak, sleepless, aching. It took her forever to get out of the hammock and transfer to the bed next door so i could check out the malignancy, and teach her how to control the smell and treat the oozing vesicles.

Miserable ang lagay nila, this family of 5. They have two tiny rooms, hollow-blocked. A slip of cloth affords privacy to the bedrooms. The roof extends beyond the bedrooms but that’s it: alfresco na! From one of the posts that holds up the extended roof is a makeshift wall of coconut husk, piled on top of one another; kung saan matindi ang hanging amihan siguro, a shield from the elements. I’ve noticed though in my several trips that the height of that coco-husk wall goes up and down: ginagamit din sigurong panggatong!

It’s been 3 1/2 months since Butch’s taning na 2-6 months last june. I’ve been on her case 2 1/2 months. They can’t afford laetrile, so i put her on kamoteng-kahoy tea, Dr. Navarro’s concoction. Neither can they afford the pancreatin enzymes, so i put her on the alternative suggested by Dr. Efren Navarro, son of Dr. Manuel Navarro, which is raw pork pancreas (lapay) sourced from the wet market. She is on coffee enema twice a day. Of course there are vitamins and dietary restrictions, but hey she is doing well!

She is up and about, inter-acting with family and neighbors. And I have a big smile on my face.

2 thoughts on “My Tiaong patient: breast cancer, stage 4

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