My Tiaong patient: … not that it’s been a breeze

Before anything else.  I got on ASI’s case when the family had given up, naipasa-Diyos na. Her breast cancer was all flared up already. It had been 10 months since a fine needle aspiration biopsy was done. And 9 months since she had the first of 3 (of a 6-cycle chemotherapy ordered by the oncologist) that wasn’t followed up for lack of funding.

This alternative management of ASI is a first for me. She’s actually the first patient I’m doing a full-blast alternative management on, guided only by what Dr.Navarro did for Mama and Dr. Kelley’s ecological therapy detailed in his book One Answer to Cancer along with the 3 Cancer Control Journal interviews featured in their July/August 1973 issue.

With just locally available alternatives, there are no empirical values to work with. Have actually just played it by ear, using my nurse’s intuition. Took into account ASI’s build and frame, and her debilitated state. And really really close-monitoring of ASI’s toxic reactions. TGFC! (thank God for cellphones!) and pasaload!  Short of bringing her home with me to Binan, couldn’t have helped her otherwise.

And it’s not as if it’s been a breeze. At one point I was close to giving up! They’re very simple folks with inhibitions I had thought to respect. Before starting I had explained to the couple what it would take. Both were made to realize that much would be demanded of them, more so from ASI’s husband, especially in ASI’s weakened state: a change in diet, nutritional supplements, and new habits/routines developed, such as a daily enema to clear up the body of toxins which accumulate as the tumors are dissolved.

She said she was willing to follow the program diligently, hoping to survive long enough for a chance at recovery, even if, as I said, the period of recovery could take at the least, 2 years, and that after all that has been said and done, she must take a form of metabolic support for the rest of her life.’(OAC, p. 19-20)

It was a month before naive me discerned ASI’s aversion to the idea of taking the enema. She procrastinated for the longest time, kept husband and enema at bay with excuses. ‘Moving bowels well naman’; ‘medyo hirap ngayon’; ‘no, can’t lie on back that long’; ‘you know i can’t lie on my right side’; ‘not now, busog na busog sa juice at gulay’.

The husband is admirable, very diligent with ASI’s care, multi-tasking as breadwinner and house-husband, but/and pusong mamon sa kanyang terminally-ill wife. But when toxic reactions became alarming, texts and calls flew, back and forth, furiously. I reminded ASI and husband of our initial talk on total commitment, and how following every step of the metabolic therapy was necessary in controlling her cancer. There was almost a month of stock-piled wastes in her by then, and was really really toxic!

And so finally she took her first enema, and has been a convert since then, having realized the comfort of being clean, and recalls with a wistful smile those first 4-5 hours of ‘kaginhawaan’!

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