My Tiaong patient: the matter of costs

This nutritional alternative is a lot lot cheaper than chemotherapy or radiation, but still, the daily expense for what previously were non-essentials is a bane to a breadwinner who, as it was, could hardly make both ends meet. ASI’s husband had no spare time to engage in any sideline to augment his meager income from doing home-service repair of appliances.

I committed to providing the bottled supplements and medical supplies: once a day supplements, a Kirkland Multivitamin caplet (P2.60) and CoQ10 60 mg. capsule (P15); twice a day, Folic Acid 400 mcg. tablet (P4), and Vitamin E 400 I.U. gelcap (P5); and three times a day, Vitamin C 500 mg after meals (P3.75). Incidentals are the one-time expense for enema can connecting tube (P392). For lack of a colon tube (called for in a high retention enema), we ended up using a Foley bag catheter French 24 (P404). The Foley catheter deteriorates with daily use and has since been replaced twice in the past 5 months.

Still, it was a 130 peso minimum expense that had to be contended with from their end on a daily basis: daily, for protein, a palm-sized serving of fish for breakfast and lunch (P30), 2 eggs (P10) to snack on, an apple (P12.50) for it’s malic acid, assorted vegetables, beans and legumes (P15) for salads, 4 coconuts (P40) for the day’s virgin coconut oil, the cassava root (P6) for the Vit B-17, pancreas (P10) for enzymes trypsin and chymotripsin, and kapeng barako (P7) for the coffee enema.

The couple gave me a no-big-deal smile when told that there’s a lot that’s not allowed in ASI’s diet — most of them they have done without anyway. NO animal protein whatsoever; also NOT ALLOWED, because the ingredients and/or the nature of their preparation use chemicals or preservatives, are milk, coffee, cocoa, alcohol, soft drinks, ice cream, white bread, bakery products, all processed foods, canned and bottled goods, chips and fries, candies, chocolates and white sugar.

ASI was tempted to give up protein altogether when she learned that too much protein in the diet uses up the enzymes and prevents ridding the body of cancer.

I told ASI how that would be a big mistake as her pancreas would fail with total abstinence from protein over prolonged periods. In the absence of pancreatic enzyme production, the cancer tissues will grow more rapidly.

Proper balance and regulated intake of protein is what is called for in this nutritional therapy. That’s why ASI is allowed fish – but only at breakfast and lunch: Strictly NO PROTEIN is allowed after 1 p.m. Not only does she need to eat the correct kind and quantity of protein, but her protein must be taken only for a specific time. That way, her pancreatic enzymes will be used for digestion of food protein for only about 6 hours, leaving 18 hours for the production of enzymes to digest cancer tissue.

3 thoughts on “My Tiaong patient: the matter of costs

  1. Ciarra says:

    Hi, just want to ask a few questions about administering the cassava. My mom has stage 4 LC and I’d like to try giving her this treatment until we get our hands on a supply of f Vit B7.
    Is the cassava better given when it’s hilaw? My mom is worried kasi she says it is poisonous when raw. How big of a chunk should she chew on? And how often? Since she coughs a lot and is always out of breath, is it ok if we grind the cassava so it’s easier for her to chew on it and suck its pulp? Thanks so much, your insight will be of great help!

    • hello, ciarra.

      since the action of B-17 is to poison and de-activate the cancer cells, it results in dead cells.
      trypsin and chymotripsin found in raw pork pancreas is as necessary as B-17 as they are the enzymes identified by Dr. Howard Beard as all-important in terms of cancer control.

      my patient ASi was stage 4 breast cancer given from just 2-6 months to live.
      on kamoteng kahoy tea and raw pork pancreas, her tumors on the head and back have dissolved completely by the 3rd month; now on her 7th month, her breast and axillary tumors are greatly reduced and faring well.
      but sa laki ng tumors nya, natatambakan siya ng tinunaw na cancer cells kaya she needs the daily coffee enema to help evacute wastes and toxins.

      it would help limit protein to fish for breakfast and lunch, and to abstain from animal protein after 1 p.m. so the enzymes produced by the body can digest cancer tissues.

      anyway, you didn’t say if your mom has had radiation or chemotherapy.

    • not sure if you got my 2 previous replies, ciarra.
      so allow me:

      heat destroys live enzymes beneficial to metabolism.
      the vit B-17 (amygdalin/laetrile) in cassava is SIMILAR in formula to cyanide but lacks an ‘h’ factor of the cyanide formula.
      what is amazing is that only cancer cells, being non-aerobic, produce within themselves that missing ‘h’ factor and thus poison themselves when touched by the B-17.
      all other cells are left untouched!

      cassava TO CHEW ON is mainly for pain relief, ciarra.
      they are just 1-2 mm slices, peeled with the fingernail, then QUARTERED and .given 1/4 piece at a time to chew on.
      the juice is swallowed and pulp discarded before the next quarter is given.
      and so on until she feels dizzy.
      should dizziness occur while chewing the 4th quarter, then ONLY 3 quarters is her proper dose for pain relief.

      i understand how you would like to ease your mom’s discomforts.
      but much of the juice could be lost to the mortar and pestle if one is to grind a quarter of a 1-2 mm slice of cassava.
      it might be better to dice the quarter slice, put it in a spoon, mash with another spoon.
      feed the mashed quarters from the spoons to get most of the juice from the quarter slices.
      hope this helps,

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