My Tiaong patient: depression & shortcuts

Three weeks into the therapy, ASI wondered why she tended to just eat and sleep all the time.  Dr. Kelley calls it the “healing crises”: Having been provided good nutrition, ASI was now trying to grow a new body which was exhausting work, and much like an infant, just eats and sleeps, eats and sleeps.  The “healing crises” would however also cause stress on her liver and kidneys as the newly-formed cells, and those undergoing repair, dumped additional toxins into her system.  It was crucial that her malignant tumors be destroyed only at a rate that would not overwork her vital organs and prevent over-toxic conditions which could poison her system.

And this is were the ON and OFF days come in. ON days provide saturation of needed nutrients, while the OFF days allow her body to catch up in detoxifying, as well as to repair and rebuild. As the need to go off the metabolic supplements rests solely on ASI’s assessment of how she feels, she had to be alert for toxic reactions as they usually start as just little changes or mild discomforts.

The expected toxic reactions meant that her body was responding to the therapy and that changes were taking place. For ASI, it was initially a gradual loss of appetite, some nausea, and then a terrible headache. On subsequent cycles over the past 5 months the gamut of possible toxic reactions listed by Dr. Kelley came either singly or in varying combinations. Faint or mild at first, they built up, so much so, that not feeling well ended up like being down with the flu. The body aches with joint and muscle pains ended up like she’d been ran over. Times were when feverish became really hot, impatient became crabby; passing excessive gas became embarrassing, belched loudly and uncontrollably. She complained of parched and dry mouth even as she drank so much water, There were periods of increased thirst, dizziness, weakness, insomnia, canker sores (singaw), and even craving for certain foods ‘na parang naglilihi’. Thankfully, she has so far been spared from diarrhea, constipation, nervousness, nightmares, and swelling of lymph glands (kulani).


By mid-August, ASI started having a couple of really good days. By her account, it felt wonderful! Of course the discomforts returned as the tumors got digested. And of course the discomforts progressively got worse as the blood and liver once more became overloaded with toxic poisons. And that was what ASI found extremely depressing. She enjoyed the good days so much that the bad ones seemed so much worse than they really were.

By early September, ASI knew when her toxic reactions warranted getting OFF the KK tea and lapay. So far, her ON days had ranged from 3 to 11 days. By end of the month, when she was already enjoying 3-4 good days, she complained of muscle cramps, pricking pain, and bruised sensation on her breasts. That, according to Dr. Kelley’s OAC, was actually good news as the condition signaled the rebuilding of muscle protein which was taken out of the tissues in the early stages of cancer.

By mid-October, her good days had actually stretched to 5 days.


And then the setback. Wary of fungal growth in the concoction, I had made it very clear at the outset how the day’s KK tea must be freshly prepared every morning. ASI vomited and went OFF the lapay/KKtea on October 27. Though back ON metabolic therapy 6 days later, she was always nauseous, and went OFF and ON depending on how she felt. I was at a loss! The turn of events were puzzling and worrisome as her husband reported how ASI was not eating at all. There was a problem somewhere! I decided to call ASI’s husband to get a blow-by-blow account of their day’s activities. It turns out that the sorry and over-worked husband, as early as October 11, had gotten the bright idea to prepare the next day’s KK tea right after he was done with the evening enema. He figured that with the personal ref I had brought for ASI”s lapay, he could sort of ‘short-cut’ on the KK tea prep and just ref it overnight. By supper’s dose, the KK tea was already 24 hours old! The poor fellow just wanted to save some time for his morning chores: giving ASI her enema, helping her with the morning libations, getting the food ready and the children fed and off to school.

It was unfortunate that at just about the same time, ASI on her part also had some ideas of her own. She wanted longer good days and thought that she could achieve that by extending her ON days longer. It was in late October, on her 8th cycle, when ASI decided not to go OFF lapay/KK even when her headache had turned vicious; not even when she became so weak ‘ngalos na ang tuhod’; and not even when she was dizzy all the time! She didn’t get OFF when she was already distressingly nauseous. The day after she first vomited, her husband texted to relay her debilitated condition but still had not gone OFF! Whatever it was she was waiting for, time came when she could no longer keep anything down, vomiting anything and everything she took by mouth, finally forcing her OFF the metabolic supplements!

And so it came to pass that the weight gained in the past 5 months all went down the drain. She was back to skin and bones. She was back in her hammock, too weak to even get up to go to the bathroom. Not only was she was back to square one, I thought I was going to lose her from dehydration and electrolyte imbalance!


I asked my brother, the internist, to pay her a visit and was prescribed Ranitidin and Omeprazole. Dr. Efren Navarro feared possible aflatoxin on the stale KK tea as the cause of her gastro-intestinal miseries. The good doctor advised small, frequent feedings of egg white porridge for quality protein nutrition and to push teaspoonfuls of buko juice and ice chips to re-hydration.

Slowly, ASI recovered.. Since November 29, ASI has gone ON/OFF cycle twice. Happily, she is back on her feet, walking out for some sun, eating better, and starting to put on some pounds according to her husband. Lessons are truly learned the hard way

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