Take care: Cut down on proteins

Cancer is, from conception, already in the very nature of the fertilized egg. Scientists calculate that a person has between 70 and 100 trillion cells in his body. According to Dr. Edward Kelley, dispersed throughout our body are two germ (potential cancer) cells for every area the size of a pin-head. This is why cancer can form just about anywhere.

Although a blow, a bruise, a drop of tar in the lungs, sunburn, an overdose of x-ray, or anything requiring repair is normal everyday wear and tear on the body, the injury stimulates estrogen formation, setting the stage for cancer. This is because the presence of the female hormone gets the germ cell mistakenly thinking it is now time to have a baby, starts growing a placenta for a baby that never develops. What this boils down to is that ‘daily, everyone produces Malignant Tumor Cells’. Daily, however, most everyone’s pancreas produces adequate pancreatin to digest these abnormal placentas, and the food we eat. But when the pancreas is overworked, oftentimes due to the intake of too much protein, it fails to produce the necessary protein-digesting enzymes so that the abnormal placenta just keeps on growing, does not stop, and some 39 months later is clinically diagnosed as what we call Cancer.

Cancer is only a symptom that one’s protein metabolism is in serious trouble. . Although there is now a growing awareness that diet greatly affects health in general, it still has to dawn on the medical community to stop the disease process. Surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy treat only the tumors and not the patient who has the disease. For now, prevention is our best recourse. Be a step ahead of this dreaded scourge.

On preventive mode I:

1. try to limit my protein to fish at breakfast and lunch, and NO proteins after 1 pm, to allow 16 hours for my enzymes to digesting any abnormal placenta and/or toxic cell wastes;

2. limit animal protein, if at all;

3. take the co-enzyme vitamins and minerals necessary to get enzymes to where they are needed;

4. take as much raw fruits and vegetables;

5. take an enzyme tablet after meals, but take 2 after a heavy meal.

6. NO canned, processed, preserved foods whatsoever.

8 thoughts on “Take care: Cut down on proteins

  1. sweetopiagirl says:

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  2. malaya77 says:

    Thanks for this. I’m a cancer patient but didn’t understand the relation of protein and cancer until i read your blog. I will follow your advise of limiting my protein intake and won’t take anymore fish/protein after lunch. I’m currently taking Wobenzyme (my enzyme tablet) but my alternative doctor told me to take them on empty stomach. They will supposedly “strip” the cancer cells of their protein covering. The doctor said if i take them after meals, they will help in the digestion of food just eaten instead of acting on the protein covering of cancer cells – which is the intention. So i take 5 tablets upon waking up in the morning, and another 5 tabs at bedtime. This contradicts what you advised above – which is to take them after meals. Any thought on this? Thanks.

  3. […] possible. She limited her protein intake to fish and 2 properly-prepared eggs a day, observed the NO animal protein after 1 p.m., took only raw fruits and vegetables, either juiced or as green leafy salads with […]

  4. […] experience with, and recovery from, stage 4 breast cancer had been so uneventful, the enzyme and protein factors had completely slipped my mind. and It was my father, a doctor himself, who reminded me […]

  5. john says:


    Thank you for the great info, we come from a family w/ cancer history on both sides. I saw one of your comments On preventive mode I:
    If i will take co-enzyme vitamins and enzyme tablet this would not affect my kidneys right? we can purchase vitamins mentioned above in any drug store and what brand as well?

    Hope to see your reply soon.


    • vitamins and enzymes are essential to our body, john.
      the pancreatic enzymes are themselves protein.
      when not used by the body to digest proteins or tumors, enzymes are broken down into amino acids and used by the body like all protein materials.

      go for natural vitamin/supplement preparations where no preservatives/chemicals were used.
      i now use Nature’s Plus ULTRAZYME which has about just half the strength of the proteases trypsin and chymotrypsin found in Nature’s Plus PANCREATIN.

      with the history of cancer in the family, i’d have a Navarro HCG urine titer done, if i were you.
      as i did.
      ‘early signs of cancer’ in my blog says it all.

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