cme, in his September 9, 2011 comment on Control Cancer Naturally:

According to the Internet, it (Polycystic Kidney Disease) has no cure. You just have to take care of your kidneys but eventually you will undergo dialysis and end stage would be renal failure. Is there a way to prolong the life of a person with PKD?

The word “polycystic” rang a bell for me.

It brought to mind how the elder of my two teenage daughters had been diagnosed with multiple cysts in her right breast back in 1979. The biggest was a little less than 2 cm, below it were the 2 slightly smaller ones, each about 1½ cm. in diameter. As the lumps came and went with her menstrual cycle, my daughter had paid little attention to them until she finally realized that it had not gone away after her last period. Not only had they, seemingly, become a little larger than before, there was now some tenderness in the area. My first reaction was to have them excised.

As it happened, because my mother’s experience with, and recovery from, stage 4 breast cancer had been so uneventful, the enzyme and protein factors had completely slipped my mind. and It was my father, a doctor himself, who reminded me about what benign tumors were and how ‘when cancer begins to form, the body reacts by attempting to seal it off, surrounding it with cells that are similar to those in the location where it occurs. A bump or lump is the initial result. (G. Edward Griffin, WWC, Part I, p.84)

Griffin quotes Dr. Jones:

In order to counteract the estrogenic action on the trophoblast, the body floods the area in a sea of beta-glucuronidase (an enzyme) which inactivates all estrogen on contact. At the same time, the cells of the tissues being invaded by the trophoblasts defensively multiply in an effort at local containment.

Usually the effort of the body to control the nidus of trophoblast are successful, the trophoblast dies, and a benign polyp or other benign tumor remains as a monument to the victory of the body over cancer. [emphasis mine] (Nutrition Rudiments in Cancer by S.M. Jones, M.S.,B.A., Ph.D., M.D., Palo Alto, California 1972, p.6)

My mind was suddenly on overdrive! Since Tri-Zyme, the then available brand of pancreatic enzymes with trypsin and chymotripsin, had worked on my mom’s metastatic cancer, it should be easy as pie for the enzymes to work on my daughter’s cysts, no matter how many they were! Again, as in my mother’s case, my rallying cry was: nothing to lose, everything to gain!

And so I opted for a regimen of enzymes and Vitamins E for my daughter. The enzymes would dissolve the cyst, while the Vitamin E, a vasodilator would ensure good blood supply to help bring the enzymes to the cysts. That surgery was out was a blessing but my daughter had to understand that I could only do so much for her and that only she could cure herself. It was important for her to realize that embarking on this mode of treatment meant that she would be taking on full responsibility for curing herself as the success of dissolving the cysts would depend entirely on proper timing and how well she stuck to the therapy Though the Vitamin E was just 1 gelcap of 400 I.U. once a day after breakfast, it was an altogether different story for the enzymes! It had to be taken 3 times a day on an empty stomach, either 1 hour before meals, or 2 hours after a meal or snack. Otherwise, the enzymes would digest only the food in her stomach and not the cysts. I reminded her that she’d be entirely on her own with regards to timing her enzymes the five days when she would be in school, and that there would be times when it would throw off her eating schedules, and may even cause her to pass-up snack-time occasionally. Not only that, she had to try her best to eat healthy at all times, and to avoid all packed, canned, bottled, and processed foods with preservatives at all cost!

Although the cysts were no longer palpable after just 3 months, I had my daughter continue the regimen of enzymes and Vitamin E for a full year to make sure that every teeny-weeny bit of the cysts had been totally dissolved..

Needless to say, when my second daughter likewise came down with multiple breast cysts, having them excised never even came to mind. It was enzymes and Vitamin E from get go!

4 thoughts on “Cysts

  1. Shelly says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Thank you for all the information that you are generously sharing to us. They are very helpful! I feel blessed to found your site. My eldest sis had BC 5 yrs ago, she was 35 then and myself has fibrocystic breast disease, monitoring this on a yearly basis through mammo. I have like 7 and 8 cyst in both breast respectively. I want to try taking pancreatic enzyme but I don’t know which brand to buy, I read from the other pages you mentioned Ultra-zyme brand – but this is digestive enzyme isn’t? Should I get digestive or pancreatic enzyme supplement? Pls advise.Thanks and God bless you more.


  2. Lizel says:

    Hello Nancy I have been inspired by your blog. Can you pls. Let me know where Dr Efren Navarro can be contacted ,I’ve was diagnosed with breast cancer I’m taking Laetrile but I need a doctor who can guide me ,. I hope this will reach you coz I’m pressed for time , hope you understand. My name is Lizel email is Thank you

    • hello, and thank you, LIzel.
      Dr. Efren Navarro ‘s contact# is 02-714-7442.
      secretary Grace can give you directions on how to get to his clinic in Sta.Mesa, Manila.

  3. cme says:

    Thank you Ms. Nancy.

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