The 110-year War Against Natural Cancer Therapy

Wait a minute, who are “they,” John? Do you mean to tell me that there are people in the medical profession or in government or anywhere in the world who are so low and so crass, so mean, as to deliberately withhold a control for cancer?

That was G. Edward Griffin asking Dr. John Richardson after reading the draft of the good doctor’s manuscript intended for magazine publication. (Quotation from Lecture by G.Edward Griffin sponsored by Committee for Freedom of Choice in Cancer Therapy)

Dr. John Richardson, in the forefront of the Laetrile controversy in the U.S. since 1972, incurred the wrath of orthodox medicine when he attempted to remove FDA restriction on the use of Laetrile, electing to use vitamin therapy instead of surgery, drugs, and radiation as the cancer treatment of choice. Although the 3 expensive court trials he suffered were dismissed, he was later convicted ‘by the Federal Court for conspiring to smuggle Laetrile’ and subsequently lost his license to practice medicine.

The book World Without Cancer is the compilation of facts gathered by G. Edward Griffin as a result of his aroused interest. It is ‘dedicated to the millions of cancer victims and their loved ones whose suffering has been the tragic cost of scientific arrogance and political vested interest.’ His prayer: ‘May the story presented in this book help to arouse an indignant public awareness which, alone, can break the hold of these deadly forces.’

Though non-life threatening facts at best, but victims nonetheless of scientific arrogance, Griffin lists Columbus among the earliest, for believing the world was round; Galileo, for teaching that the Earth moved around the Sun; the anatomist Andreas Vesalius, for his record of the structure of the human body; William Roentgen and his x-ray, for fear that his discovery would invade the privacy of the bedroom.

But lives, too, have been lost due to scientific ego and prejudice!

At the cost of entire naval expeditions and hundreds of thousands more lives, it took medical experts over two hundred years before they accepted Vitamin C as a cure for scurvy. Medical authorities arrogantly pooh-poohed and tagged as “witch doctor cures of ignorant savages” the early 1535 report by French explorer Jacques Cartier of an Indian’s concoction of white pine tree bark and needles, both rich in Vitamin C, which had saved his remaining crew. It was 260 years later, in 1795, when having discovered how oranges and lemons relieved scurvy, the Royal British Navy started to carry citrus foods in their holds, That was how the ‘Limeys’, so called because the British ships carried limes, conquered the Seven Seas. ‘It is no exaggeration to say that the greatness of the British Empire in large measure was the direct result of overcoming scientific prejudice against vitamin therapy.’ (G. Edward Griffin, World Without Cancer, Part I, p.49)

Unfortunately, the war against vitamin therapy continues to this day

It was 1902 when Dr. JOHN BEARD, Professor of Embryology in Scotland’s Edinburgh University, first revealed that cancer and trophoblast cells (precursor of placenta) were one and the same and that cancer is born of a problem in protein metabolism due to lack of pancreatic enzymes. Three years later he identified the pancreatic enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin as the important enzymes for cancer control and management. But that vital information fell on deaf ears just as many of the world’s greatest discoveries were initially rejected by the scientific community, their pioneers condemned and ridiculed as quacks or charlatans.

Fifty years later in 1952, Dr. ERNEST KREBS, JR. a biochemist of San Francisco showed how amygdalin, one of the many nitrilosides occurring in more than 1200 plants could assist the pancreatic enzymes in destroying cancer as it takes advantage of the natural chemistry of the malignant cells in such a way as to destroy them without damaging other body tissues. Sloane-Kettering, the renowned U.S. cancer institution, had their eminent cancer researcher Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura, run tests on Laetrile, the trade name of amygdalin as purified by Dr. Krebs for treating cancer.

Dr. Sugiura came to five conclusions. First of all, he said, it improved the general health of the mice that he was using. Secondly it appeared to relieve their pain. Thirdly it inhibited the growth of tumors. Fourth it stopped the spread of tumors, and five it acted as a cancer prevention. That was his official finding. And at the end of this report, this is a quote ‘ Dr has never observed complete regression of these tumors in all his cosmic experience with other chemotherapeutic agents’ end quote.”…..“ (The Science and Politics of Cancer; A discourse by G. Edward Griffin)

When Dr. Suguira questioned Sloan-Kettering for suppressing his Laetrile findings, he was fired. Asked at a press conference, “Why are they so much against it?” Sugiura answered, “I don’t know. Maybe the medical profession doesn’t like it because they are making too much money.” (Gavin Phillips, The Cancer Racket: Amygdalin/Laetrile

In 1958, Dr. MAX GERSON published “A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 cases” which featured his intensive nutritional program aimed in providing the maximum practical amount of nutrients needed by all the organs and body functions in the forms easiest for the body to utilize. His espousal of the importance of raw vegetables and juices, along with an intensive detoxification program to help eliminate toxic materials (poisons) that accumulate in the blood, liver, intestinal tract, other tissues and organs which interfere with proper body functions caused the suspension of his medical license in New York in 1958. His biography ‘Dr. Max Gerson: Healing the Hopeless’ heralds his Nazi and eventual persecution in the U.S., and his questionable death on March 8, 1959.

Dr. WILLIAM DONALD KELLEY combined the use of enzymes, vitamin/mineral supplements and diet to successfully treat his cancer of the pancreas. He first published his ‘One Answer to Cancer’ booklet in 1974 to herald his journey to wellness with the hope of helping other cancer victims save themselves from cancer, as well as prevent others from having the dreaded disease. The 2010 edition of One Answer to Cancer details how, strapped by convention, he was harassed by, and suffered persecution in the hands of, Establishment and the FDA.

In 1904 only 1 American in 24 had cancer in his lifetime. In the 35 years since I cured myself of terminal pancreatic cancer and guided some 33,000 cancer victims to health, the CANCER RATE has increased from 1 to 5, to now, as you read this, the CANCER RATE is one in two! And the Cancer Industry calls this Progress Against Cancer — the lie, the big lie. The War on Cancer is the plundering war of our peoples, not a war on cancer.(OAC, 2010 Edition, p. 120)

It is unconscionable that cancer remains the scourge that it is today.

2 thoughts on “The 110-year War Against Natural Cancer Therapy

  1. joey says:

    great read!

  2. thank you, joey, for reading my blog.
    the post comes with a prayer that it may, as Edward Griffin says, ‘arouse an indignant public awareness which, alone, can break the hold of the deadly forces’ that deliberately withhold a healthy and natural control of cancer.

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