Dr. Kelley’s ON-and-OFF Cycles

It is always better if one can find a doctor to help, but in the absence of one who would, a cancer victim may find himself, as most of it can be, on a ‘do-it-yourself” natural cancer therapy. After all, it’s the person’s own life. If there is no one else who will, the patient can opt to take it on himself. To better “do-it-yourself”, the patient has to fully understand what the metabolic therapy is all about.

Dr. Kelley’s therapy aims at conserving the body’s pancreatic enzymes so it can work on digesting malignant cells. To achieve this, the proteins are restricted in type and quantity, and are consumed only between breakfast and 1:00 p.m.. Additionally, digestive enzymes are recommended with each meal to reduce the use of the body’s own pancreatic enzymes for digesting the meals consumed.

In a week or two, so much waste material from the malignant cells is dumped into the bloodstream so that, most of the time, the body cannot eliminate it rapidly enough to keep from feeling sick. If this occurs, the enzymes should be discontinued until the elimination process catches up. Adjustment of the pancreatic enzymes intake is then advised so that the patient feels a little bit sick, but not too sick, until the malignant cells are completely destroyed. The time depends on the tumor size and the availability of blood with enzymes at the site of the malignancy. [Cancer Control Journal, Vol. 1, No. 7/8, Special Edition, 3]

As I felt no toxic symptoms at all, I disregarded Dr. Kelley’s Metabolic Formula Cycle, didn’t get “OFF” even after 25 days, and just continuously took the enzymes for almost 3 months. My experience of how bad toxic symptoms can get made me realize and understand how sensible Dr. Kelley’s rule was: cycling “OFF” the enzymes is meant to give the body time to eliminate the toxins.

ON cycle provides saturation of needed nutrients.
OFF cycle provides the necessary time for the body to repair, rebuild and detoxify.

ON cycle: may be from 5  to 10 days, or more, or until one becomes toxic, but no longer than 25 days.

When to STOP: I watch out for toxic symptoms like feeling ‘goopy’ sick, ill, nauseated, crabby, have an elevated temperature, a violent headache, or anything out of the ordinary. Although it is best to stay on the enzymes for 10-25 days, I STOP and heed negative symptoms anytime after the 3rd day once a headache, itch, or some scalp and earlobe tenderness starts to be bothersome.

5-day-OFF cycle: gives my body time to detoxify. Dr. Kelley cautions that one should observe the full 5-day-OFF even when one feels well enough to continue so as to give the body time to repair and rebuild.

If one is on Coffee Enema for detoxification, the procedure should be continued even during the 5-day-OFF cycle. However, in case of extreme toxic reactions, discontinuance of supplements and the coffee enema, as well, is advised.

Dr. Kelley says that feeling worse while cycling OFF is not a toxic reaction: it means that the body needs the enzymes, and that one should go back on them until one feels toxic (like having the flu), and then try to go OFF again when one becomes toxic.

Remember: the objective of the cancer victim is to destroy the tumor mass at a rate that will not cause an over-toxic condition and overwork the liver and the kidneys. There is no cut-and-dried rule to follow: the patient will have to work on regulating his diet and supplements so as to give his body the time to eliminate toxins and rebuild cells.

As you begin to physiologically balance your body chemistry, other reactions may take place. It is not easy to change life-long habits of faulty eating of devitalized, processed foods to a new system of eating natural, life-giving foods and taking individualized needed supplements.

Following the metabolic program should bring about a readjustment of body chemistry. The body, meeting this changing situation, often responds in surprising ways to this process. The longer the deficiencies have existed, the more prevalent the response is likely to be. Additional reactions may occur as the body adapts and stabilizes. The reactions that often occur are:

> Canker sores
> Constipation
> Craving for unusual foods
> Diarrhea
> Dizziness
> Dry mouth
> Excessive gas
> Fever blisters
> Headaches
> Increased thirst
> Insomnia
> Loss of appetite
> Migrating pains
> Nausea
> Nervousness
> Nightmares
> Rash or hives
> Running nose
> Various aches and pains, both in joints and muscles
> Weakness.

When these reactions occur, you can be assured your body is responding and changes are taking place. If you think of these as correcting crises, it will be easy to accept them as steps on the road to better health. If they occur, they are only temporary and are but a small price to pay for the long-lasting benefits. (OAC, 2010 edition, Physiological Balancing, p.77)

2 thoughts on “Dr. Kelley’s ON-and-OFF Cycles

  1. marjajourney says:

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