The Importance of Detoxification in Cancer Therapy

Daily, everyone produces malignant tumor cells and, daily, most everyone’s pancreas produces adequate pancreatin to digest the food they eat AND these malignant tumor cells. It is when one’s pancreas fails to produce the necessary pancreatin to accomplish these tasks that a disease “process” takes place which we correctly call Cancer. (OAC, p. 20)

The real problem in ANY cancer therapy is clearing up the body of toxins which accumulate as the tumor is dissolved.

Metabolic therapy addresses the cause of cancer, and prevents new, even larger and more vicious and life threatening malignant tumor masses from forming.

In the process, accumulated wastes given off by tumors may gradually overburden the body causing most cancer victims to die of toxemia. The sooner wastes are removed the sooner the body can start repairing and rebuilding itself.

My mother’s battle with her stage IV breast cancer was successful and uneventful because her radical mastectomy had left no tumor mass to dissolve. She never had any toxic symptoms to speak of, had no need for coffee enema. She never even had to observe the enzymes 5-day-OFF cycle. Whatever metastasis she had was effectively controlled by enzymes, vitamin B!7, a controlled protein diet, and supplemental nutrition. Obviously, the resultant toxins were all efficiently excreted by her body.

With my malignancy unscreened even by MRMammo, and with my organs of detoxification — the colon, liver, kidneys, lung, and skin and mucous membranes — all working well, I had expected the toxins to clear with the mildest of symptoms, if any. Being sub-clinical, I had hoped to sail through without having to go OFF as my mother did. And so, although Dr. Kelley advised not to go longer than 25 days on the regimen, I went for almost 3 months without getting OFF the enzymes. Complacent, I failed to catch the first mild symptoms I felt as I neared the end of my 3rd month. And worse, I forgot all about how terribly achy muscles and really bad joint pains were one of the toxic symptoms to watch out for, and actually mistook them for just an impending flu. It was on the 3rd day that it finally dawned on me how badly toxic I was: I woke up with a 39.8C fever, feeling like I’d been “run over by a train,” was how Dr. Kelley had aptly put it.

I have since learned my lesson: one should not wait to be really really toxic before going OFF the enzymes. I now listen to my body: at the first sign of anything out of the ordinary, however mild, I go OFF the enzymes for 5 days to give my body time to detoxify. Since then, toxic symptoms which came either singly or in tandem, have so far been just itchy arms, legs, or back, some rashes, thirst not slaked with water, a raspy throat, a tender spot on my scalp and/or ear lobes, mild headache, and/or restless sleep.

To help my body along in catching up with clearing out the toxin build-up, I:
> abstain from processed foods so as not to additionally stress my liver;
> take fruits before meals to properly stimulate my digestive system;
> take raw juiced vegetables, and salads for fiber to ensure a thrice daily bowel movement;
> push water to help flush out toxins through the kidneys and the skin;
> bath and shampoo daily to remove dead skin cells, helping the body’s overloaded systems excrete toxins through sweat glands;
> walk 30 minutes a day to work up a sweat; and
> do yoga deep breathing exercises to increase the blood’s oxygen supply and step-up waste removal; it also helps me to relax and de-stress.

Next, on lungs and yoga breathing

One thought on “The Importance of Detoxification in Cancer Therapy

  1. I was just diagnosed with breast cancer and found your mother’s story very encouraging. I have lobular breast cancer which is ER positive and PR positive – so we know that hormones make it grow. So, I’m curious what kind of breast cancer your mom had because I’m wandering if B17 would be ok for me to take as well. Thanks for any feedback.

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