Yoga Breathing in Natural Cancer Therapy

Life is dependent upon the adequate exchanges of gases in the lungs. Although the lungs give off many other gaseous wastes, most significant is the removal of carbonic acid, and the flow of oxygen into the blood. Sometime before, but more frequently after the start of Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program, the patient or those close to him or her may notice a foul odor on the breath. No amount of toothpaste or mouthwash will remove it for long, since it comes from the bloodstream. One can be assured however, that this is only a phase and that the poisons are leaving the body.

If there is an excessive accumulation of mucus in the nostrils and/or the bronchial system, this inhibits the detoxification functions of the lungs. Mucus forming food should be avoided if mucus is a problem. These are principally baked flour products and dairy products, with the exception of butter and cream. Anti-mucus foods such as raw onions and garlic, cayenne pepper, freshly ground black pepper, fresh ginger, and horseradish should be eaten liberally. (OAC, 2010 Edition, Cleansing the Lungs, 42)

One can subsist without food for weeks, without water for days, but can do without air for only a few minutes. Shallow breathing, or taking so-called ‘deep breaths’ only partially fill the lungs. Embodied in the Yogic proverb “Life is in the breath; therefore he who only half breaths, half lives,” is the fact that the way we breathe affects our whole well-being and determines the length and quality of our lives. Yoga breathing utilizes the lungs in their entirety. Besides improving circulation, the quality of blood is enhanced as well: these are important factors necessary for an effective natural cancer therapy.

Coming across Richard Hittleman’s YOGA- 28 Day Exercise Plan in a bookstore back in 1973 was, for me, heaven-sent! Hittleman’s accelerated method of instruction enabled me to learn the graceful, rhythmic, gentle self-manipulation with slow-motion stretching and deep-breathing exercises at home and by myself in 28 days. The practice proved a great help, actually relieved pressure on my spine and saved me from a 2nd laminectomy. Besides the physical benefits, I owe much of my positive mental outlook and emotional stability to my life-time regimen of Yoga.

Complete Breath Exercises

Abdominal movements may seem difficult at first. So breathe normally and just concentrate on contracting and distending the abdomen to get the abdominal muscles working. Once abdominal muscles are well under control, proceed to doing the actual exercise.

Practice position: sit with knees apart, palms resting on your knees.

The goal is to empty all air from the lungs.

Concentrate. Breathe in and out quietly thru the nose.

The count of 5 is for 5 seconds (1 thousand and 1, 1 thousand and 2, 1 thousand and 3, 1 thousand and 4, 1 thousand and 5).

1. Slowly exhale deeply, contracting abdomen (push belly button towards your spine);

2. Begin a slow and quiet inhalation, distending (pushing out) abdomen;

3. Continue slow inhalation, expanding chest;

4. Continue slow inhalation, raising shoulders;

5. Hold breath with shoulders raised for a count of 5;

6. Quietly exhale deeply, relaxing shoulders first, then the chest, then contracting the abdomen.

7. Hold for a count of 5, then repeat.

Perform 5-10 times at a time, and as often as inclined, or needed until deep breathing becomes second nature to you.

When breath is slow and rhythmic, anxieties and tensions lessen or dissolve completely, and control of the mind for purposes of concentration is greatly increased. That is why we … advise you to take a few complete breaths whenever possible during the day. If you do not lift the shoulders, you will not draw attention to yourself and consequently, you can breathe fully and deeply anywhere and at anytime when you need to revitalize your body and clear your mind. Remember, life is in the breath. (Richard Hittleman, Yoga 28 Day Exercise Plan, Life and Breath, 55-56)

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