Kamoteng Kahoy Tea (2)

See my January 19, 2012 post Kamoteng Kahoy Tea must be FRESHLY prepared daily 

Because the diameter of the cassava root was only an approximate 3-4 cm, adding 1/2 inch daily of available cassava root left much to be desired in terms of trying to establish an empirical dose. With a 4 cm. diameter cassava root on hand, I figured that weighing a peeled 3 ½ inch length, using a diet scale, would give a consistent baseline to start with: the diet scale showed 125 gm.

The point is to start off with just 125 gm. on the 1st day:

Source out fresh stock, and use only young (should not be bigger than 3-4 cm. in diameter) cassava root. Cut a 3½ inch length, wash off dirt from skin, dry, and scratch off brown skin using only the thumb nail. (DO NOT USE the cassava should you find any orange or brown discoloration after scratching off the skin as that indicates old stock and may become the source of aflatoxin poisoning.)

Add or deduct slices or slivers of the cassava until the weighing scale registers the required 125 gm for the 1st day.

Slice, chop, and process in a blender for 2 minutes, then place the pulp in a wide-mouthed jar, add 2 cups (16 oz.) of distilled water.

For lack of a blender, use a grater to reduce the cassava to a pulp, add the 2 cups of water then vigorously beat with a fork for 2 minutes.

Refrigerate for 1 – 1 ½ hrs to allow the starch to settle at the bottom, leaving nearly 2 cups of clear liquid on top.

Drink one-half of this, about a cup, in the morning, and the other half in the early evening.

It is slightly bitter. What gives it the bitter taste is Vit B-17.

ADD increments of 5 gm. DAILY until the day one feels dizzy a few minutes after taking the tea. That means STOP adding, as one’s tolerance level has been reached.


It safely kills cancer cells but be very careful not to exceed the daily recommended amount.

Also do not prepare in large quantities as it stales quickly with fungal growth.

KK tea must be FRESHLY PREPARED every day.

This should not be given to children, unless supervised by a doctor.

For lack of distilled water, and potable deep-well water is used, the liquid left on top after starch settles is slightly cloudy white.

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