Liquid or ‘soft’ tumors

While solid tumors are those that form a lump or multiple lumps, the liquid or ‘soft’ tumors are those which occur in the blood, bone marrow and lymph nodes and circulate around the body through the bloodstream. They are more familiarly known as leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma.

In the first of three interviews conducted by Norman Fritz for the Cancer Control Journal where Dr. William Donald Kelley was asked if some types of cancer respond more readily to natural cancer therapy than others, the good doctor was quick to answer:

Leukemia is the easiest to treat. Brain and bone cancer are slower. (But)The difficulty is not any greater. It just takes longer. Recovery time is quicker when the cancer is in the soft tissue or in the blood where the circulation is good. Where the circulation is less – as in the brain and bone – recovery is slower because we’re basically depending on the circulation to take the desired body chemistry changes to the cancer.(CCJ, Vol. 1, No. 7/8, July/August 1973, Special Edition, p. 4)

Dr. Kelley’s statement that ‘if the rate of blood supply is great, recovery is fast’ certainly makes sense given that liquid tumors circulate around the body through the blood stream. He further notes that: ‘If the blood supply to an area is inadequate, recovery is slow. Thus we find those with Hodgkin’s Disease recover quickly, while those with brain or bone afflictions have a slower response. We have also noted that in tumors of large diameters (three or more inches), the outside diameter is quickly dissolved, but the interior, where there is usually a lack of blood supply, often takes several months to dissolve.’ And for the good doctor, that ‘is a very wonderful thing (as) the body has time to detoxify and the death rate from toxemia is greatly reduced.’ (OAC, 1974 edition, p.17)

One thought on “Liquid or ‘soft’ tumors

  1. Rose says:

    Hi. I just would like to ask if they treat aml (acute myeloid leukemia) is b17 effective for type of cancer?

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