FAQ 5: re OFF/ON Cycles

I’ve noticed that, sometimes, my ON-cycles are shorter. My OFF-cycles now come more often, sometimes. Why is that?

The ON/OFF cycles depend largely on how well the body is able to excrete the toxins generated from the destruction of malignant cells by the combined actions of enzymes, white blood cells, and vitamin B17.

As I’ve found out for myself, there is no cut-and-dried rule here. When I heed familiar toxic symptom/s as soon as I become aware of them, there have been times that I’ve had ON-cycles as short as 5, and even 3 days.

One must understand that in the more than 3 years that it takes for a bump or a lump to show, or for some dis-ease to present itself causing one to seek consult, the cancer victim’s body is deprived of much needed nutrients. Once Metabolic Therapy makes these essentials available, metabolism in the cells speed up, increasing the amount of metabolic wastes in the bloodstream. Add to that the “garbage” from each of the body’s 70-100 trillion cells that needs to be emptied everyday!

There is no denying the fact that in spite of efforts to keep to a healthy diet, ever-present chemical fertilizers, preservatives, and additives, in the most seemingly innocuous foodstuffs available in the market, put added strain on the body’s already over-worked liver which eventually leads to an accumulation and overload of toxins.

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