FAQ 7- re Coffee Enema


I have been hard-put to gather the essentials for a coffee enema. Is a complete kit available anywhere?

A complete kit is available at Dr. Dy-Liaco’s in Quezon City. But for those who have the time, energy, and forbearance to endure the traffic, I have often heard it said how Bambang Street in Sta. Cruz, Manila is a good place to source medical supplies at minimal costs, though I have not dared hazard the trip myself.

Is there a clinic I can go to for coffee enema?

One can go to Dr. Dy-Liaco’s clinic for the coffee enema. For particulars, and directions on how to get to the clinic from your end, please call the clinic nurse Magdalena ‘Madelle’ Balubal between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. at 02-924-2487.

Is there one who would do a home-visit demo on how to do the coffee enema just so I can get the hang of it?

Home service and/or teaching demonstration can be arranged. For particulars, here are contact numbers of two (2) nurses who can help: Nurse Alma de la Cruz at 0916-422-9980; and  Nurse Magdalena Balubal at 0917-354-2352.

I am very sorry for this very delayed update.  Though I logged in daily, and replied to comments as best I could under the circumstances, illness in the family, and the subsequent mourning made it difficult for me to gather my thoughts together for this, my 60th post.

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