The Importance of Detoxification in Cancer Therapy

Daily, everyone produces malignant tumor cells and, daily, most everyone’s pancreas produces adequate pancreatin to digest the food they eat AND these malignant tumor cells. It is when one’s pancreas fails to produce the necessary pancreatin to accomplish these tasks that a disease “process” takes place which we correctly call Cancer. (OAC, p. 20)

The real problem in ANY cancer therapy is clearing up the body of toxins which accumulate as the tumor is dissolved. Continue reading

Dr. Kelley’s ON-and-OFF Cycles

It is always better if one can find a doctor to help, but in the absence of one who would, a cancer victim may find himself, as most of it can be, on a ‘do-it-yourself” natural cancer therapy. After all, it’s the person’s own life. If there is no one else who will, the patient can opt to take it on himself. To better “do-it-yourself”, the patient has to fully understand what the metabolic therapy is all about. Continue reading

For an Effective Cancer Therapy: Combined Modalities

My mother’s therapy was, like VM’s (a positive mammo case) is, actually a combination of modalities. It all came together from Dr. John Beard’s 1902 proposal that cancer and trophoblast cells (precursor of placenta) were one and the same. Dr. Beard not only contended that all cancers are fundamentally the same, he also identified trypsin and chymotrypsin as the important pancreatic enzymes for cancer control, and showed how nature ‘assigned to the pancreas the vital job of preventing cancer by keeping trophoblast cells under control.’ [G. Edward Griffin, World Without Cancer, 97] ‘Dr. Beard … had suspected that there was a nutritional factor in addition to the enzyme factor but was never able to identify it.’ [G. Edward Griffin, WWC, 98] Continue reading

What Holds Back Natural Cancer Therapy: DENIAL or SCIENTIFIC EGO?

It is curious that surgery, toxic chemicals, and radiation continue to be espoused by organized medicine as THE accepted therapy for cancer when, as a matter of fact, they are all merely palliative in nature. Focused on tumors which are merely end results of festering malignancies, they alleviate pain and/or make the condition appear less serious or offensive, BUT do not, at all, treat what causes the malignancy. This accounts for the recurrence and/or eventual metastasis. Cancer is a deficiency disease: the malignant tumor is merely a symptom of a basic chemistry malfunction where the body is unable to metabolize protein. Its effective control is contingent on addressing the lack of adequate amounts of active pancreatic enzymes and nutritional factors where they are needed. ‘It is just that simple. As a matter of fact, the true early signs of cancer are the signs of inadequate protein metabolism.’ [William Donald Kelley, One Answer to Cancer, 1974 edition, p.5] Continue reading

VM: A positive mammo case

A mortal dread of surgery had kept VM from having a lump on her left breast checked sooner. Then, realizing that no amount of prayers would make the lump go away and that it was just steadily growing bigger, she finally decided to seek medical consult. A 12/13/2011 bilateral mammogram confirmed a suspicious 12 mm. rounded density on her left breast, and yet another non-palpable one deep in her right breast. She brought the results to my brother, the doctor, sometime before Christmas hoping to be referred to me for Metabolic Therapy (MT). She was however advised after examination to first have a biopsy to help identify the type of, if indeed it was, cancer so that a more suited chemotherapy could be prescribed after surgery. Continue reading