ZINC: Vital in Natural Cancer Therapy

Having found, from reading Dr. Philip Binzel’s book, Alive and Well, how ZINC is the transportation mechanism for nitrilosides, and therefore vital to metabolic therapy, I have since added a 50 mg. tablet of zinc to my daily after-dinner supplements and updated my March 2013 post: Natural Cancer Therapy: It’s all about nutritional supplementation under MINERALS. Continue reading

Yoga Breathing in Natural Cancer Therapy

Life is dependent upon the adequate exchanges of gases in the lungs. Although the lungs give off many other gaseous wastes, most significant is the removal of carbonic acid, and the flow of oxygen into the blood. Sometime before, but more frequently after the start of Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program, the patient or those close to him or her may notice a foul odor on the breath. No amount of toothpaste or mouthwash will remove it for long, since it comes from the bloodstream. One can be assured however, that this is only a phase and that the poisons are leaving the body. Continue reading

Natural Cancer Therapy: It’s all about nutritional supplementation (Updated)

In spite of my advocacy, learning that my Navarro HCG urine titer came in positive felt like a blow to my midsection: there IS something growing somewhere in my body?! But the shock was momentary: I was sub-clinical! And knowing soon enough was good: it meant I was some 2-3 years ahead before the proverbial bump or palpable tumor manifests itself, giving me this chance to stem and control the cancer at its earliest! Continue reading

What Holds Back Natural Cancer Therapy: DENIAL or SCIENTIFIC EGO?

It is curious that surgery, toxic chemicals, and radiation continue to be espoused by organized medicine as THE accepted therapy for cancer when, as a matter of fact, they are all merely palliative in nature. Focused on tumors which are merely end results of festering malignancies, they alleviate pain and/or make the condition appear less serious or offensive, BUT do not, at all, treat what causes the malignancy. This accounts for the recurrence and/or eventual metastasis. Cancer is a deficiency disease: the malignant tumor is merely a symptom of a basic chemistry malfunction where the body is unable to metabolize protein. Its effective control is contingent on addressing the lack of adequate amounts of active pancreatic enzymes and nutritional factors where they are needed. ‘It is just that simple. As a matter of fact, the true early signs of cancer are the signs of inadequate protein metabolism.’ [William Donald Kelley, One Answer to Cancer, 1974 edition, p.5] Continue reading