My Tiaong patient: depression & shortcuts

Three weeks into the therapy, ASI wondered why she tended to just eat and sleep all the time.  Dr. Kelley calls it the “healing crises”: Having been provided good nutrition, ASI was now trying to grow a new body which was exhausting work, and much like an infant, just eats and sleeps, eats and sleeps.  The “healing crises” would however also cause stress on her liver and kidneys as the newly-formed cells, and those undergoing repair, dumped additional toxins into her system.  It was crucial that her malignant tumors be destroyed only at a rate that would not overwork her vital organs and prevent over-toxic conditions which could poison her system.

And this is were the ON and OFF days come in. ON days provide saturation of needed nutrients, while the OFF days allow her body to catch up in detoxifying, as well as to repair and rebuild. As the need to go off the metabolic supplements rests solely on ASI’s assessment of how she feels, she had to be alert for toxic reactions as they usually start as just little changes or mild discomforts. Continue reading