My Mother Survived Cancer Without Chemotherapy

Mama was 60 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, stage IV.  She was irradiated only twice, had no chemotherapy whatsoever, but she lived for another 27 years!

Her left breast was hard as stone, with orange-peel skin, and retracted nipple when she had a radical mastectomy in 1973.  With all her lymph nodes positive, she was irradiated immediately, straight from the operating room, and then again, early the following morning, in spite of explicit instructions to the contrary. That was the extent of my mother’s orthodox treatment.  When asked how much time she had, the surgeon said he couldn’t give her a year, or a month…

Both physicians, my parents were aware of the hows and wherefores of chemotherapy and radiation, and were not disposed to go that route. More so as I had shared with them the hazards of radiation and the toxicity of chemotherapy that I had learned and seen as an Oncological Nurse-Intern at the James Ewing Hospital of the Memorial Hospital for Cancer and Allied Diseases in New York City in the mid-1960s.  Soon after the surgery my parents went to the U.S. for further consultations; the metastasis, along with the post-operative diagnosis, was confirmed.

As fate would have it, Dr. Manuel Navarro, Head of the UST Hospital’s Cancer Research Laboratory, was a contemporary of my parents at the UST College of Medicine, Class of ’39.  Dr. Navarro’s HCG urine titer, along with the Beard Anthrone Test, were already being used abroad to detect cancer and monitor response to therapy.  Dr. Navarro gave Papa and me copies of the book, World Without Cancer-The Story of Vitamin B17 by G. Edward Griffin.  My brother, an Internist, said he was familiar with the substance of the material; the study, dating back to the early 1900s, was touched on in med school.  Here was an alternative management, we had nothing to lose and everything to gain!

In World Without Cancer, Griffin summarizes the natural and non-toxic approach to managing cancer:

…avoid excessive damage or stress to the body, minimize foods that pre-empt the pancreatic enzymes for their digestion, and maintain a diet rich in all minerals and vitamins–especially vitamin B17.


To address the stress, my brothers and I took over the adminstration of coconut and rice lands that Mama had inherited from her parents.  We tried to either shield her from, or help her with, tenant problems and threats of land reform as much as we could.  Also she went back to playing the piano, something she truly enjoyed but had given up while raising 7 children.


* Amygdalin – Vit B17 / trade name LAETRILE — 500 mg. capsule 3 times a day, 30 minutes after meals. (Formerly available only in selected health food stores in certain States in the U.S., it is now available on the internet, and even locally.) Amygdalin destroys cancer cells without damaging other body tissues.

* Pancreatic Enzymes, specifically with chymotrypsin (for my mother’s advanced stage), 3 times a day, 1 hour before, or 2 hours after a meal, when stomach was empty, so enzymes would act on cancer cells, not food.  Pancreatin, naturally secreted by our pancreas, includes enzymes which not only digest or liquefy food, but also prevent and destroy cancer.

* A natural, well-balanced Multi-Vitamin & Mineral, once daily
* Vitamin E, 400 i.u. once daily
* Vitamin C, 1000 mg. twice daily with breakfast and dinner


* Absolutely NO animal protein (uses up and creates deficiency of pancreatic enzymes that could otherwise act on malignant cells)
* Only Carbs, Fruits, and Vegetables (preferably organically grown, no fertilizers, no pesticides)
* Between breakfast and 1:00 p.m., limited quantity of fish and vegetable proteins
* Roasted apricot NUTS to snack on


Determined to win the battle, my mother willingly gave up her favorite pork and liver dishes: morcon, mechado, adobo with liver mashed into the sauce, kilawing laman-loob with labanos in loads of liver sauce, and last but not least, her favorite lengua.  She was allowed to have her vegetables sautéed with, but served without, pork, chicken, or shrimp.  In place of meat, she had tokwa and TVP (textured vegetable protein) served either sliced, cubed, chopped, or in chunks that my sister-in-law Cora cooked a la ‘bistik’, adobo, menudo, afritada, or whatever timpla she fancied.  Young cassava, a rich source of amygdalin, grated, steamed, then served with grated coconut and brown sugar was a regular snack.  She gave up her chocolates but not her cup of coffee au lait which she took either with her morning or afternoon snack.  And we would find her all sorts of edible seeds: apricot, apple, whatever, the more bitter, the better! She gritted her teeth, and stuck to the strict regimen.

My sibs and I, we all commiserated with Mama and even learned to eat, if not like, vege-meat, but it was Papa who went the whole nine yards, so to speak.  He had a heart problem and had been advised to watch his cholesterol, and so it was a good time as any to give up the egg yolks and meat dishes (he loved bulalo and adobo) and switch to fish and vege-meat, scrambled egg-whites and red rice.

It was the seventies, after all, and New Age doctors were talking “wholistic health” and “organic foods”; medical journals and other media carried stories (that he would read to Mama) extolling the health benefits from organically, naturally, grown fruits and vegetables and the toxic effects of preservatives, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers.  So we all gave up ice cream – too many chemicals, Papa said, including daw the makings of shoe polish! – and we went for buko sherbets instead.

A periodic urine titer using the Navarro HCG Urinalysis assessed / monitored her body’s response to the diet/enzyme/mineral-vitamin protocol.  And sure enough, in a year or so (if memory serves) her titer began to come in negative.  Only then was she allowed to feast on lengua, or morcon, but just for a meal or two, and just once in a while.


Except for a benign cyst found and excised from just above her collar bone a year after her mastectomy, my mother’s battle with the dreaded metastasis was quite successful.  The crucial factor, said Dr. Navarro, was that her healthy cells had not been damaged by the two exposures to radiation.  And because she had no chemotherapy whatsoever.  Mama never experienced the rigors of nausea and vomiting, or the angst over losing her hair; best of all, she never lost her appetite.

Mama lived 27 more years! and I know she could have lived even longer. But in 1999 she started musing about how she had lived far too long, awed that she had managed to survive Papa by 10 years.  She said she just wanted to see the turn of the millennium and then it would be a good time to go.

She was totally blind by then.  I was in my teens when she started losing her central vision to optic nerve degeneration.  Aware that the active practice of medicine would become difficult for her with just peripheral vision, she went back to UST to earn her BS in Psychology so she could do Guidance and Counselling.  As her sight waned she started learning Braille and handicrafts that she could do by feel.  By age 70, and totally blind, she would sit by her radio listening to her favorite programs, while her hands busily, deftly crafted, out of gift ribbons, beautiful stemmed roses for family and friends.  When she’d run out of ribbons, she’d work on foil sheets from discarded cigarette packs, cut them into strips, and fashion them into shiny buntings and trimmings for our Christmas trees.   All by feel.

It was also around then that her mother, our Lola Concha, passed away, leaving behind three volumes of memoirs that go back all the way to the time of the friars, in Spanish, a language that none of my generation really speaks.  Mama had us taking turns reading out the manuscript into a cassette tape recorder that she learned to operate by feel, and then she started translating it into English, line by line, touch-typing on an electric typewriter.  Someone was always around to help her with the paper or warn her when she was at a page’s end, or read back to her what she had typed.  It was slow work, and she stopped often, out of frustration, not seeing what she was writing, but she would always go back to it eventually, through most of the ‘80s and ‘90s: a precious work of love, a story of family and roots that we treasure and hope to publish one day, God willing.

I don’t know when my mother decided to stop taking her Vit B17s, as well as the pancreatic enzymes; she would not say.  But stop them, she did.  She admitted as much when she asked me to come and check out a mass in her lower abdomen.  She died in February 2000 at age 87.  To her three sisters, and everyone who cried at her passing, I said, “Please be happy for her.  She now has 20/20 vision and looks down on us in full technicolor.”

In her memory, and in memory of the war she won against cancer, I speak up, every chance I get, on the merits of Vit B17 and the pancreatic enzymes.~~~

56 thoughts on “My Mother Survived Cancer Without Chemotherapy

  1. angela says:

    welcome to the blogosphere, nans 😉 mama and papa would be so pleased!

    • thanks for the info. I have my mastectomy last dept 26 2016. May I know please the Address of Dr. Navarro clinic and or phone number ? Thank you so much
      GOD BLESS !

      • thank you, Noemi.
        am always glad to hear from one who has read my blog.
        for my advocacy, it means one less from the countless cancer victims who are still in the dark about how best to prevent, control, and also avoid the recurrence of malignancies.
        Dr.Efren Navarro’s contact # is 02-714-7442.
        Secretary Grace can give you directions on how best to get to the Sta. Mesa, Manila clinic from where you are, as well as to how to collect urine for the Navarro HCG titer.
        for better monitoring of messages and comments, please address all further emails to

      • thank you, Noemi.
        am always glad to hear from one who has read my blog.
        for my advocacy, it means one less from the countless cancer victims who are still in the dark about how best to prevent, control, and also avoid the recurrence of malignancies.
        Dr.Efren Navarro’s contact # is 02-714-7442.
        Secretary Grace can give you directions on how best to get to the Sta. Mesa, Manila clinic from where you are, as well as to how to collect urine for the Navarro HCG titer.
        for better monitoring of messages and comments, please address all further emails to

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  3. Hapi says:

    beautiful. please allow me to share.

    God bless you.

  4. Thank you, Hapi, yes please share.

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  6. baycas says:

    i hope your brother would make a case report on this. interesting…

  7. Anne says:

    good day! i would like to ask where can i buy 500mg Laetril here in the Philippines? Do i need a doctor’s prescription for that? thank you.

  8. Hi Anne! Laetrile available at Dr. Efren Navarro ‘s clinic. Phone nos. 714-7442 and 714-5920. Call first to get address (somewhere in Sta. Mesa). More details here:

  9. linda says:

    Nancy…what a wonderfully written, as well as informative blog, about your moms choice of treatment for her breast cancer……thank you for sharing. your friend, linda

    • hello, linda.
      i pray that you continue to keep well, my dear friend.

      my blog? i actually owe it all to angie.
      thought to provide her mama’s story so she could post it on her blog.
      for others to draw inspiration from.
      but she and son joel got together on it and decided on a blog for moi.
      the very thought was daunting.
      but am not getting any younger.
      this has given me a chance to share all that i know re alternative management.
      if only to help prevent cancer;
      or herald an alternative for those who would opt for one.

  10. Tom Umali says:

    Thanks for this great info, Nancy…I will disseminate this info to all my friends….
    God bless..


  11. Randy Van Otten says:

    Hi Nancy; Ako aye si “Kano” Brod ni Rolly, your brother i presume. I am a Veterinarian in Los Lunas, NM. I knew your mother and remeber when she was diagnosed with cancer. I miss Rolly, Teri and all the old uplb crowd. I will use this new info in treating some of my canine patients.
    Thanks for the tip. say hi to Cholo

    Randy Van Otten

  12. Nini says:

    thanks, nancy!

    this is a welcome news for those with loved ones with cancer. will share this article!

  13. PROCY says:


    • thank you, procy, for your initiative to share.

      the short of it is that cancer can be controlled.
      first, there’s the need to know why the malignancy happens: there’s a problem in protein metabolism due to inadequate enzymes.
      and then comes the understanding how, unlike orthodox management which treats the malignancy.
      alternative management is geared towards treating the person with the cancer.
      for a ‘world without cancer’,

  14. maky says:

    Did your mama undergo colon detox too? Or plain diet and vit. b17? I see that your in Tiaong. Are you part of the Tiaong Breast Cancer Haven?

  15. zarin says:

    Thanks so much for such informative article.I have the same problem and I do not believe in chemo … I would like to follow the mentioned diet..could you plz let me know if we are allowed for bread/rice/ potatoes?

    • Rye, soya, whole wheat, and bran muffins are fine, zaraa. bakery products using processed flour, like white bread and such, are NOT ALLOWED in dr. Manuel Navarro’s list.

      organic unpolished (brown or red) rice is best; the bran is rich in dietary fiber and antioxidants.
      from personal experience, unpolished rice easily turns rancid.
      so cook only what you can consume for a meal.

      potatoes are fine, baked, boiled, mashed, as salad. NOT ALLOWED are french fries, potato chips.
      one may also have sweet potato, and cassava.

  16. Hi. can you please give further explanation of pancreatic enzyme? Thank you

    • hello.
      reading my blogpost ‘Take Care: Cut Down on Proteins’ and ‘For an Effecive Cancer Therapy: Combined Modalities’ might make for a better understanding of the importance of pancreatic enzymes.
      if you have further questions, cyrine, am just an email away.

  17. nizar says:

    Ma’am where did you buy bitter apricot kernels in manila?

    • i used to go to Ching Tay drugstore at 596 T. Alonzo St. in downtown Manila.
      but BITTER apricot kernels are not always in stock.
      save yourself the stress and waste of time with Manila traffic:
      best to call first, find out if their stock at the moment is the bitter type, as apricot kernels also come sweet.
      Ching Tay is listed in the yellow pages.
      let me know if i can be of further help,

  18. Thank u for sharing your mama’s story. Very helpful and inspiring! I am diagnosed with endometrium ca stage I, Gods grace I underwent D&C and Total Hysterectomy. After the operation I am experiencing leg minor numbness has lessen now from taking the barley juice. Sometimes I have pains in my left collar bone and breast. since im taking barley breast pain stops. sometimes collar bone pains for a while. Dont have money for treatments & chemorad. I wanted to take the healthy living seriously. I started healthy living but I think its not enough. most of the fruits and veggies available in the market are not organic. Maam can I ask where can we buy vitamin b17 and enzymes? how much that it cost? thank u and God Bless! 🙂

  19. Leanie says:

    My mom was diagnosed and treated for pancreatic cancer in 2003. She had been cancer free until last April 29, 2014 when we noticed that her skin and eyes had turned yellow. Tests found a 1.8 cm mass in the head of her pancreas which is completely blocking her bile duct, thus causing the jaundice. My mom just turned 70 last April 26. She is not as strong as she used to be so we don’t know if surgery will still be possible. Despite this, I continue to hope that we will be able to find some form of treatment and cure. My research online has led me to your site and I would like to know more about your mom’s experience. Will it be possible for me to get in touch with you to discuss this in more detail?
    Thank you,

  20. Seashells says:

    Hi Nancy, thank you for such an informative blog. You give many people hope. Especially those who is not sure about chemo and radiation but they have no knowledge of other alternatives! My aunt has cancer and does not know of alternative non toxic therapy and I am trying to guide here to seek alternative but sometimes I also fear that my advice might be wrong since I am not a doctor. But from my past experience of healing my own eczema, which doctors told me it’s incruable and due to genes, that I have to be always take medication which I know it’s not good for my organs, i went in search for an alternative cure! Now that i am off medication or whatever cream, i truly believe in God’s natural pharmacy which can cure us (and am doubtful of doctors). So i do hope that i am doing the right thing in guiding my aunt. I did not force her but just wanted her to know there’s successful alternative therapy that has worked and that she be educated so that she can make the right choices.

  21. you’re on the right track, seashells.
    educating the patient is the first step towards success of treatment.

    practically all of my posts is regarding metabolic therapy.
    going through them might help for a better understanding of the benefits derived from natural management.
    the malignant growth is but a symptom; removing it does not make the cancer go away.
    the metabolic problem of cancer has to be addressed if the cancer is to be controlled beyond surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

    just an email away,

    • Em says:

      Hi Nancy, me and my family were just informed of my dad’s stage 4 pancreatic cancer after he underwent surgery today to examine a blockage in his deodenum. Results revealed there is a big mass in the pancreas’ body that caused the blockage. Please let me know of what you can recommend. I also don’t approve of chemo and i firmly believe in the healing capabilities of natural medicines. The doctor said that my dad only has 4 to 6 months left. But i don’t want to lose hope. Please help and hoping for your kind response soon. Thanks and respectfully — Em

  22. bev says:

    Hi..can u please help me po.. yung nanay ko po kasi inadvice ng dr. nia n magchemo po siya, after ng operation niya sa may bituka may nkita kasi na bukol kya tinanggal..what po yung best na gagwin. can you help me po..thanks

  23. Joseph Ryan Mendoza says:

    This just made me cry. Currently, my Mom has primary HCC. Accdg to doctors, it is on stage IV. I cant afford to lose her. Before able to visit and read your blog, I was thinking of giving Mama supplements nalang instead of her undergoing chemo. Mom is very weak. She can’t sit that long. She is an amputee (above the knee of her right limb). Im wondering where I can get all the meds and pills your Mom took. Thank you.

    • hello, Joseph.
      most of the vitamin supplements and the enzymes are available at Healthy Options; the Vitamin B17 tablets at Aling Loleng’s in the mezzanine of the Cash&Carry Mall in Makati. I suggest you first call 02-856-5429 or 02-856-6983 to find out the availability of B17. I would also suggest having your Mom’s HCG urine titer done to determine the proper dosage of the B17. Contact number of Dr. Efren Navarro’sclinic is 02-714-7442. Secretary Grace can give you clinic days and hours, instructions on urine collection, and directions on how to get to the clinic from where you are.
      you’re doing right by your Mom, so take heart.

  24. salve maquinana says:

    Hi nancy,Im doing this for my ate.she diagnosed early this year for having an ovarian cancer…I want her to take other option aside from chemo…just want to know the location of dr.navarro’s clinic.Thank you and i really inspired by your story and it really helps a lot.

  25. Bernadette Lacza says:

    Great blog, thank you for sharing this, my dad is about to turn 64 when he was diagnosed with colon cancer with liver mets, he has been seeing this doctor in sta mesa where we reside but I am quite unhappy with his program so I am looking for another doctor..great thing I chance upon your blog. may I know where you get your TVP’s and all the other good stuff you mentioned here? sorry If, someone already asked, I haven’t brisked through all the comments yet. Again thank you for detailing everything here,it will help me greatly. God bless you

    • thank you, Bernadette.
      it’s really a combined modality of pancreatic enzymes, vitamin and mineral supplementation, and diet. i suggest reading through my posts to gain a better understanding of what cancer really is all about and how best to address and manage your Dad’s cancer. practically all 59 posts relate to cancer.
      the april 10, 2015 post lists nutritional factors necessary for the control of cancer. for more details on how the combined modality helps in the repair and healing of the body is detailed in the earlier march 29, 2013 post.
      if i can be of further help, am just an email away.

  26. Cory O. Villafania says:

    Thank you, Ms. Nancy, for sharing your mom’s story and for answering the questions of the bloggers. I really learned a lot especially to be able to help our helper who was diagnosed to have breast cancer stage 3a. The information you have shared gives us so much hope. Thank you very much! We will try to contact Dr. Navarro’s clinic soonest.

    Cory O. Villafania

    • thank you, Cory. i shared my Mom’s story, as well as 60 other cancer-related posts, to spread an awareness of how nutritional factor in cancer is crucial to the control of this malignant and seemingly deadly scourge. do please pass on the good news.

  27. Viva says:

    Hello Nancy! Thank you for sharing this inspiring story to people like me who has cancer.
    I was diagnosed last March with Ovarian Cancer after a surgery that removed two ovarian cysts. My Oncologist’s advice was for me to undergo Chemotheraphy but I decided to made some researches first. I told myself there must be some other non-invasive way to treat cancer. True enough, the internet led me to several websites. I found out there were several protocols and that cancer can be treated with having the proper nutrition. My research recently led me to your blog and this made me even more glad because I found out there was someone here in the Philippines who can help me.
    I have already contacted Dr. Navarro’s clinic. The secretary said Dr. Navarro is not conducting clinic at the moment but will be available by the 3rd week of June. I am willing to wait. I will be sending my urine sample ( i am from the province) for an HCG test by that time and will call for an appointment after receiving my cancer test result. For now, I will continue with my raw fruit and vegetable juicing and will add some supplements that you’ve mentioned. Can you recommend a good Pancreatic Enzyme? We don’t have a Healthy Options store here in our province. I will have to order mine online.
    May God bless you more Nancy!

    • thank you, Viva.
      am sorry for this very delayed reply; internet was down a good part of June.
      my 60 other posts are mostly about cancer and hope you may find time to go through all of them for a better understanding of what cancer is all about and how one can best control it.
      i have used Pancreatin (Solgar brand) and Ultra-Zyme (Natures Plus brand). just do check that the Protease ingredients of what you order on-line lists TRYPSIN and CHYMOTRYPSIN, the 2 important enzymes for cancer control.

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