Love your pet? Love yourself, too!

Things sure haven’t gotten any better. As a matter of fact, what G. Edward Griffin wrote some 39 years ago, way back in 1974, just seem to have gotten worse.

Measured in terms of taste, volume and variety, Americans eat very well, indeed. But expensive or tasty food is not necessarily good food. Most Americans assume that it makes little difference what they put into their stomachs as long as they are full. Magically, (they think) everything that goes in somehow will be converted into perfect health. They scoff at the thought of proper diet. Yet many of these same people are fastidious about what they feed their pedigreed dogs and cats or their registered cattle and horses.

Dr. George M Briggs, professor of nutrition at the university of California, and member of the Research Advisory Committee of the National Livestock and Meat Board, has said: ‘The typical American diet is a national disaster… If I fed it to pigs or cows, without adding vitamins and supplements, I could wipe out the livestock industry.’ (“University of California Nutrition Professor, a Health Advisor to the U.S. Government…Charges the Typical American Diet is a National Disaster.” National Enquirer, Dec. 5, 1971. 2)

A brief look at the American diet tells the story. Grocery shelves are now lined with high carbohydrate foods that have been processed, refined, synthesized, artificially flavored, and loaded with chemical preservatives.* Some manufacturers, aiming their advertisement to the diet conscious consumer, even boast of how little real food there is in their product.

Everyone knows that modern processing removes many of the original vitamins from our foods, but we are told not to worry about it because they have been put back before sending to market. And so we see the word “enriched” printed cheerfully across our bread, milk and other foods. But make no mistake about it: these are not the same as the original. As the June 1971 Journal of the American Geriatric Society reported:

Vitamins removed from food and returned as “enrichment” are not a safe substitute, as witnessed by the study in which Roger J. Williams, Ph. D., reported that rats fed enriched bread died or were severely stunted due to malnutrition. Rats fed a more whole bread flourished, for the most part, by comparison.

Much illness, we are learning, may be due to vitamin-mineral deficiencies. Even senility has been proven to be caused by a deficiency of Vitamin B and C.

In retrospect, there were many customs of our grandparents that, although lacking in scientific rationale at the time, were based upon centuries of accumulated experience through trial and error, and have since been proven to be infinitely wise. ”An apple a day keeps the doctor away” could well have been more than an idle slogan, especially in an era when it was customary for everyone to eat the seeds of those apples as well. It is a fact that the whole fruit—including the seeds–of an apple contains an amazingly high concentration of vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins that are essential for health. Apples seeds are especially rich in nitrilosides or Vitamin B17. The distasteful “spring tonic or sorghum molasses and sulphur also was a rich source of nitriloside. And grandma’s apricot and peach preserves almost always contained the kernels of these canned fruits for winter eating. She probably didn’t know what it contained or why they were good for you. But she knew that they were good for you simply because her mother had told her so.

And so we see that, in the past fifty years, the foods that once provided the American people with ample amounts of natural Vitamin B17 gradually have been pushed aside or replaced altogether by foods almost devoid of this factor. Significantly, it is during this same time span that the cancer rate has moved steadily upward to the point where today, one out of every four persons in the United States is destined to contract this disease.

…  While the medical world, the federal government, and the American Cancer Society are spending billions of dollars and millions of man-hours searching for an exotic cancer virus against which they plan to spend an equal amount to create an effective man-made immunization, the answer lies right under their noses. In fact, it has existed in the written and spoken record for thousands of years:

And God said: Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed upon the earth, and all trees that have in themselves seeds of their own kind, to be your meat. (Genesis 1:29)

(G. Edward Griffin, World Without Cancer,1974, p. 56-60)


*According to the March 1972 issue of Scientific American (p.20) there are approximately 2500 additives currently used in U.S. food products for flavoring, coloring, preservation and similar purposes. The safety factor of most of these chemicals has not been determined, except to the negative [bold mine]. Nevertheless, they are still being used with FDA approval.

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