FAQ 2: Been on MT 4 months, why did my HCG titer go up?

I’ve been on metabolic therapy for 4 months now. However, my Navarro titer went up from 50.5 to 54 i.u. instead of down. Why is that?

Dr. Kelley explains:

The patient should understand … that the urine test will indicate an increasingly positive value in the first weeks of treatment because more of the hormone detected is given off when the malignant cells are being digested by the enzymes. (One Answer to Cancer 61)

Dr. Kelley says it’s a really good idea to use the Navarro Immunological Test to monitor progress when on Metabolic Therapy, inexpensive and available as it is.

… the patient must know what to expect. Before they start taking the therapy, they could have the urine test run first, and get say a 6+ on the Navarro test. Then 2 or 3 weeks later, or even 2 months in some cases, another test will show higher, perhaps 19 or 20, before it gets lower, because the patient is unloading so much of the chorionic gonadotrophic hormone. This is a good sign because it indicates that the tumor is being destroyed. [Bold mine.] However, the patient might be scared if he doesn’t understand this. (OAC 69)

Too, periodic monitoring of the Navarro HCG titer helps one to readily discern complacency, or back-sliding, particularly during the holiday seasons or vacation times when one tends to plea-beg with oneself for some slack, usually over indulging on craved-for traditional feasts.

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